About Me


Lidwine Lavergne is an illustrator based in Strasbourg, member of two art collectives, "L'Atelier du Bain aux Plantes" in Strasbourg (France) and "Lad$" in London (UK).

She is also a press illustrator, actually working for the newspaper La Brique and she's on several publishing projects especially one with the Armenian artist Marlon Apo Baroudjan.


2010-2012 : École Multimédia, Paris, Art Director spe. illustration

2009-2010 : Lycée l’Initiative, Paris, BTS Visual Communication 

2008-2009 : ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres, Paris, Applied Arts Upgrade

2007-2008 : Prép’art, Paris, Arts Preparating Class

2007            : High School François Mauriac, Bordeaux, Baccalauréat Arts & Literature

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